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Samet is a metallurgical company leader on cable trays production as well as components for industrial electrical installations.

Born in 1969, from the very beginning we produce different types of cable trays including, ladder trays, accessories, clamps, etc. Today we keep growing, thanks to our people and our commitment with technology, achieving an efficient production of cable trays with great quality.

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Design and produce cable trays, components for industrial electrical installations, providing high quality standards, and environmental care, training and supporting permanently our supply chain and our team, adding aggregate value to generate a growing profit and as a consequence to develop our value chain.

To be Latinoamerican leaders, in design and production of all types of cable trays and complementary electric products.

  • To be an agil and efficient company, achieving the maximum profitability
  • Focus on our high quality program, so we can achieve a continuous improvement in our final products and in the costumer satisfaction.
  • Support and integrate permanently our supply chain, with a full commitment of our company to increase their earnings.
  • Constant innovation of our design department and processes.
  • Train our team as well as all those who collaborate with us.
  • Teach and compromise our people to be fully committed with environmental care and staff security.

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In the year 2000, we were the first cable tray company to design a unique system and offer it to our customers. Based on Autocad, this software will allow you to design and project each cable tray, and accessories that you might use. When you are done, a complete list of materials used will be shown so that you can order them to Samet.

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